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UI & Visual design

Being bold and thinking differently about the future and having the courage to shape it.

Take an extra step. Not outside the box, but completely separate from a box. Show who you are with a unique look and be proud of who you are. At MBU we like to tell your story with a twist.


User experience

As soon as someone ends up on your website you want to convince, enthuse and persuade it within 5 seconds. User Experience design focuses on optimizing your design so that the customer becomes wildly enthusiastic about your service or product. It is about the experience (experience) that you give a user. This is exactly where we are working towards. Together with our clever headlines, we will ensure that your users walk through your website as easily as possible – from start to finish – so that they are optimally involved with your brand at the end of this experience!

Combining makes art

Visuals influence the way we approach or see certain things. That is why visual design is a very important means of communication on your website. Believe it or not, design ensures how we make certain choices and how quickly we make them. This way we know that a product sells better with a visually attractive appearance. At MBU we do everything we can to deliver a sleek and stunning design for every project that your target group cannot ignore.

Is your brand / website no longer in the year 2019?

Not completely satisfied with your website anymore? Or is the grass greener at the other side? Let us listen carefully to your story so that we can redesign it, and thus make your neighbor jealous of your brand and / or product. The handsome faces at MBU sit down with you and tell you your story in 2019 together with you.


We put your brand in the spotlight

The impact of a sleek visual design.

A well-defined and well-executed design has an effect on all aspects of your website. It forms the basis of your brand strategy, it ensures targeted storytelling and a broad marketing approach. The process starts with analyzing the target group and investigating trends. We follow this up by drawing up a clear plan that helps both of us to make the challenge a great success. At MBU we ensure that the visuals on your website provide recognition and branding. In summary: a website with clear and clear visuals ensures conversion!

  • A unique design filled with your wishes
  • Experienced strategists, designers and professionals
  • A team that likes to fall in love with your brand
  • A permanent personal project manager
  • Always a prototype of your design
  • Always view your design through Invision