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Throw everything over our fence

Fully relieved every month

Our goal is to relieve you completely so that you can focus on working on your company. That is why we offer a monthly relieve package to make your (online) life a lot easier. With the monthly relieve package we reserve an x number of hours for you every month, whereby you really can throw everything over our fence. From design work to adding products, and writing texts to building new functionalities.

  • Hours reserved for you
  • Switch quickly and directly
  • Own team at your disposal
  • Website always up-to-date
  • Long term quality and stability
  • Clear project management system
Relieve package Magento 2

A website never stands still and a webshop is never finished. Maintenance and further development are therefore very important. With a monthly relieve package we can continue to guarantee the quality and stability of your website or webshop (after launch). With the aim of creating continuous growth based on a stable and secure platform.

Relieve package WooCommerce

We use a clear project management system, where you can easily throw everything over our fence. Tasks are picked up and delivered quickly because we keep standard capacity available for you. You can clearly follow the progress and communication is based on short lines. That way you know exactly what has been done, when and how much time it has taken. You will receive an invoice for this at the end of the month. Nice, clear and relieved!


Also completely relieved by MBU?

Do you want to make your (online) life a lot easier and focus on working on your company? Then throw your tasks over our fence so that together we can create a success story.

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