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We will fix your problems, so you can focus on your business

MBU monthly service package

Our goal is to completely relieve you so you can focus on working on your company. That is why we offer a monthly service package to make your (online) life a lot easier. With the monthly service package we reserve an x number of hours for you every month, where you can really give us any task. From design work to adding products, and writing texts to building new functionalities.

  • Specific hours reserved for you
  • Quick and direct communication
  • Own team at your disposal
  • Website always up-to-date
  • Long term quality and stability
  • Clear project management system
What does our 'service package' mean

With the care-free service (the name says it all), we can completely unburden you every month in all activities that come with your website or webshop: in design and development as well as in content creation and branding. With the aim of keeping your website in top condition and allowing it to perform well and continue to grow! In this way you prevent unforeseen and difficult to solve problems. With us you are not a number and you get the proactive attention that you and your website deserve!

Work with specialists

Our experienced and proactive specialists set to work, based on excellent designs and tight project management with clear communication. With the care-free service we guarantee that your website or webshop is further developed and maintained on a monthly basis. We also monitor performance on the server. We are a certified hypernode partner at Byte and together with them we guarantee a stable and secure server.

How does our service package works?

In consultation we choose a package from our care-free service that best suits your goals and growth ambitions. The hours in the package have been reserved especially for you and are therefore guaranteed monthly for your website or webshop, so that we can switch quickly. This way we can proactively help automate and improve processes and we can implement proven conversion-enhancing functions and speed optimizations.

Depending on the chosen package, we also schedule time to update your installation and extensions. So that you are not faced with unforeseen costs. The higher the package, the more benefits there are and the lower the hourly rate.

Monthly hours

If the hours are not met once, you simply carry them with you to the next month, with a validity of one calendar year. These hours are therefore extra in the following month. Once more hours are worked than are included in your package, they will be charged monthly for the same favorable hourly rate. The number of hours from the chosen package is invoiced by default, even if hours are carried over to the next month. The billing of the care package takes place at the end of the month. So no prepayment is required. The term of a care package is one calendar year.


Interested in our service package?

Freely request our service document, which contains all options and prices. If desired, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities for your company!

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