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Brand identity

A clear logo and a strong story are the basis
of a successful brand.

It takes time and effort to develop an identity where people feel comfortable. MBU has different thinkers and doers, who develop dreams about strong brand identities every day. We have a complete team of strategists, designers and technical professionals ready to make your brand to a success.



Creating a strong brand identity goes much further than just designing a visual logo. We know better than anyone that there are so many ways to bind your target group to your brand and that it is important to look further than just a logo. How do you want your target audience to experience your brand, what story will you tell with your product / brand? So you will not get away with the implementation of an objective that you have made, because behind every brand there is a successful and clear brand strategy.


The development and creation of a brand identity starts with a good concept. Of course, visual characteristics are important for the recognisability of a brand, but the real establishment of a brand identity requires more than the development of a logo or campaign. That’s why brand identity starts with us at a concept. In this phase we work out your idea / product completely and we turn it into a catchy story with a sharp strategy and a unique design.

Just like us?

Ready for a rebranding?

Are you not satisfied with your current concept and / or house style? Of course that could happen over the years, luckily we are there for you. Come and see us and then we can talk with you about your life and we will turn your brand into a completely new house style, logo and story.


Fixed to the last detail

Brainstorming about your (new) corporate identity?

After devising, writing down and designing the concept, we will continue to develop your brand. This is the phase where we brainstorm and fine tune together. After all, it is your brand and it must define what you stand for. Our mission is to shape your story, but we are happy to do this together! Do you also want to work with us on a new brand or just give your current brand a rebranding? Contact us directly and start your success story today!

  • Unique concept suitable for your target group
  • Experienced strategists, designers and professionals
  • A team that likes to fall in love with your brand
  • A permanent personal project manager
  • Nice presentation of your brand identity
  • A detailed brand guide for your brand