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The most popular CMS system in the world

Need a new website for your brand, company or organization? Then choose a custom made WordPress website. The popular CMS system offers every flexibility, making it suitable for every organization. The possibilities are endless and your own WordPress website can easily be used to generate leads or customers. Do you prefer a webshop in WordPress? Then look at WooCommerce.

Why WordPress?

MBU does not build WordPress websites based on a purchased template, but delivers 100% customized work. The big disadvantage of premium templates is that they use a lot of plugins that make your website slow and pollute the code. In addition, you are bound to the possibilities that these plugins have. That is why we only build custom WordPress websites where we customize the website to your wishes. We make as little use of plugins as possible, so that we keep the website fast and secure.

  • Clean development
  • Fast and secure websites
  • Fully responsive design
  • Faster loading time
  • Searchengine optimalisation
  • Custom UX design prototype
We WordPress

A WordPress website from MBU starts with your wishes and the development of a good customer journey. You do this together with your regular project manager who challenges you to get the best out of your website. Based on your brainstorming session(s), our designers make an interactive UX design in which we also take the responsive design directly into account. After seeing your prototype, the development team will start developing your WordPress website!

  • Scalable CMS
  • Neat, careful and proactive
  • Complete freedom
  • Permanent personal project manager
  • Smart online strategy
  • No monthly subscription

User-friendly CMS system

WordPress can also be used in many other ways. For example, the system can be converted into an internal intranet, an order tool for chains with a central distribution center or use WordPress as an affiliate website. Read more about alternative solutions in our blog post.

Customization & links

Due to the versatility of WordPress there are also many options for customization and links. Based on your wishes we will investigate what the possibilities are, test them in advance in a test environment and with successful results we will implement these on your website. WordPress has many useful links for automation.


Throw everything over our fence

Monthly maintenance

We offer a comprehensive maintenance package for WordPress websites, ensuring that your website is safe, fast and up-to-date. We perform updates, check the website for unwanted software, check the loading speed and ensure that the website is always online. If your website has been customized, we will ensure that all functions continue to function properly. Do you also have other activities for your WordPress website? Throw it over our fence and we will implement it for you.