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Print media

Some things feel better in your hands than on a screen.

This is also the case with printed matter, after printing it always looks better than on the screen. At MBU we still firmly believe in the power of print every day. Whether these are business cards or posters, it will always work. With print media you can make it as crazy as you want. Come and do some brainstorming and we ensure that we get all your wishes on paper (Badum, tssss).


Corporate identity

We ensure that your corporate identity is complete and naturally we think further than the storytelling of your brand and creating a logo. We also want your audience to be reminded offline why they should be with you. We think that thinking along and creating together is also crucial in this process. Together we look at your target group and the need for advertising that they need.


Print media goes much further than just business cards, letterhead and an envelope. Our office is filled with unique printed matter such as pens, folders, notepads and even custom-made doppers with our logo and slogan on it! All in all, we think further than the standard nature style package. In addition to the design, naturally we also guide you to the best printer that suits your needs and we will guide you in ordering these products.

Everything is possible in the world of print media

Everything is possible in the world of print media! You can therefore reach your target group offline as well as online.
At MBU we think further than just a business card or letterhead. We think from your target group: what is the question and how can we answer it. Think of flyers, stickers, umbrellas and even a custom invoice design! And at the end of the ride we will of course help you find the best printer.


Added value for your product

From concept to the printer!

Whether you need a new idea and a design for a roadside poster or a business card that nobody forgets, our team creates the concept and designs it for you. In addition, we ensure that you receive the files ready for printing and of course an example of what it will look like, which is handy! We will also guide you to the right printer for your needs, so that we are sure that the end result is just as sleek as our design, because that’s normal right.

  • Unique corporate identity package with everything you need
  • Experienced strategists, designers and professionals
  • A team that likes to fall in love with your brand
  • A permanent personal project manager
  • Always an example of your products
  • We guide you to the right printer