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Not only your brand but also your platform
user friendly.

If your interface or layout is frustrating or unpredictable, this will not only have consequences for your website, but also for your product. It can determine whether your potential customer leaves directly to the competitor ór starts using your service / product.



Usability is an important topic when developing a user interface design, such as that of your website / webshop. These are full of information, products or services, but it is expected that almost everyone should be able to work with it. So it is really important that the usability of your site is properly set up by a designer. The naming must be logical and the design consistent and in line with what is usual on other websites.


Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are indispensable. This is also an important aspect in the field of websites / webshops. You must assume that at least 30% of users are mobile users. Is your website not suitable for mobile? Then your visitor will soon be annoyed. The result? He buys his product or service from a competitor who does have a responsive website. It is therefore very important that your target group visits a website that is responsive and scales on every device.

How user-friendly is your website?

Every user or potential customer comes with a question to your website. Your user wants to order, search or purchase something. The question remains, how can this be done as quickly and personally as possible? Daily at MBU we are busy with upgrading and designing a website with a user-friendly customer journey. This means that your user feels comfortable on your website and receives a pleasant answer to their questions. Are you curious whether your website is still user-friendly? Contact us and we will be happy to see if your customer journey can be improved!


Added value for your product

What can we do for you?

The impact of improving your usability on your website is usually large, and we can say with certainty that it makes a big difference to the appreciation of your service or product. In addition, it is often the case that you are very involved in your own website and that you can no longer look at it objectively and critically. Whether you want a completely new website, a second opinion or want to submit your idea to us: anything is possible. Our knowledge of design, usability and user experience is at your disposal and we are happy to add value!

  • Unique concept suitable for your target group
  • Experienced strategists, designers and professionals
  • A team that likes to fall in love with your brand
  • A permanent personal project manager
  • Nice presentation of your brand identity
  • A detailed brand guide for your brand