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Magento 1 stops

quicker than you think….

It is out in the open: from 1 June 2020, the support for Magento 1 will stop. The end of the support was coming for a while. What does this mean for your webshop? Read everything you need to know here. We tell you exactly when you need to switch and why.


End of life for Magento 1

Now that Magento has definitively indicated that it will stop providing support for Magento 1, as of June 1 2020, it is time to start sorting on the road that leads to Magento 2. Magento 2 is a completely new product with a different algorithm. Due to the large differences between the two versions, upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 has become an impossible task. It is anything but an update. It is a transition to a completely newly developed omnichannel experience for both B2C and B2B. The vision to achieve the ideal shopping experience and customer journey was central during the development of Magento 2. And it succeeded.

What does this mean for my webshop?

That no code will be further developed on Magento 1 and that (security) updates will no longer be issued. It does not become more than what it is now, it is “What you see is what you get.” So it becomes a risk to run your webshop on an unsupported platform. A risk that you do not want to take.

Why switch?

Magento 2 is actually the better and bigger brother of Magento 1 in all aspects.
The platform has a solid foundation, is easily scalable and therefore ready for the future. All functionalities and trends, both functional and technical, that are important in e-commerce are included in the software.

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Switch now or wait?

Magento 2 is no longer in its infancy, the beta release was already in July 2015 and since then the vast majority of already existing extensions have also been released for Magento 2. Teething problems and start-up problems have since been resolved. Today Magento 2 is a stable platform. A platform that is a huge step forward compared to Magento 1. The time is there. There is no reason not to start planning and given the development time and avoid time pressure.

Plan your roadmap to Magento 2 with us!

We do not see the switch to Magento 2 as a “copy-paste”. This moment offers a great opportunity to take the next step in both design and functionality and to stay up-to-date. All this to build an even more efficient and better platform for your online business. Given the complexity of the switch, we are happy to help you prepare a roadmap to make an ideal switch possible. Take the road to Magento 2 with us to create a great success story!

Start the switch today!

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