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Full branding for a new brand

JUFS saw the need for children to be helped. JUFS has found a gap in the market among all the offers already existing: three different packages, each aimed at a personalized offer to further develop. By means of tutoring, homework guidance or boot camps, the focus is on the development of the child at his or her own level. Before JUFS approached Made by US there was only a concept and a name. We have been engaged for the design, development of a new corporate identity and a new website.

  • Custom made design
  • User-friendly backend
  • Clean coded
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Custom made design

We entered the process as soon as there was a name and idea, so together with JUFS we could start this challenge completely fresh from the start! First we dived into the JUFS slogan and came up with the following: ‘focus on the development of your child.’ A slogan that fits with the goal of JUFS, ensuring that every child can develop in his or her own way.

In addition to the main focus on the child, JUFS also focuses on tutoring in domestic spheres. That’s why we have chosen four pastel-like colors. Friendly colors, which contribute to the living room feeling. Not only the four colors but also the round shapes in the logo contribute to this experience. We even went one step further with the four colors. The three JUFS services have each been given their own color, the fourth color is for the call to action. This way you see the homely atmospheres and the ‘focus on the development of the child’ at every level in the JUFS style!

We explain everything about the logo, the slogan, the colors, the font and the use of images in a style guide, also for JUFS. Because at MBU we know that it’s not just about the choice you make, but also why you make it. You will see everything from the style guide come together in the web design. The round shapes, the homely colors, the choices for the visual material, everything in the design has been chosen in such a way that the online experience also feels homely.

Feel free to scroll through the examples below!

User-friendly backend

For the backend of the JUFS website we have chosen a user-friendly backend, it’s a child’s play *wink wink*. We built the website in WordPress. All elements are built in such a way that it’s very easy to manage the content. After a short tour from us, you can easily adjust text and images even without extensive knowledge. It gives JUFS the freedom of movement to keep management of the website in their own hands.

Clean coded

We do not use templates. We also use as few plugins as possible. This allows us to keep our freedom of movement and create a unique and clean code. This minimizes future issues with updates. In addition, this makes the JUFS website unique and we have is the reason we have come to this beautiful and homely result.


MBU is not only specialized in online, but also offline. So we also did the business cards and flyers for JUFS. The business cards are designed according to the style guide. In addition, we designed four different flyers. Thousands of flyers have been circulated in an around Rotterdam in various phases. First an introduction flyer, later three different flyers for the three different services JUFS offers. We have placed a QR code on every flyer that directs you to the website. A nifty trick to track the effectiveness of the flyers!

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