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Byte.nl becomes Hypernode.nl thanks to MBU!

Byte has been a big name in e-commerce hosting for years, while internationally the product name Hypernode, a product of Byte, is better known. This resulted in many different websites, each with its own backend, making management very difficult. Additionally, management was in the hands of developers, and Byte couldn’t do anything itself. Time for a change! Byte wanted to take control of management and make the transition from Byte to Hypernode.
Byte has many developers as partners, so there was plenty of choice for a suitable candidate. In the end, they made a request to three parties, including MBU. And you can already guess who got the assignment in the end. We had the best feeling about us! And so we got to work with a plan of action.

  • Multilingual Environment
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Domain Name Migration
  • Support Service

Multilingual Environment

The main problem Hypernode was facing at the time was the lack of oversight due to having so many different pages. This happens to be one of our strengths! We created a multilingual backend for hypernode.nl and hypernode.com from more than five different environments. In addition to having everything in one place now, we made sure everything works lightning fast and is easy to manage.
But it wasn’t just about having management in one organized location; the data from all the different environments also needed to be gathered in one place. So, we migrated all the different databases to that same multilingual environment. All data has been preserved and can now be easily managed by Hypernode itself!

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are an analysis by Google of various statistics, with the most important outcome being your website’s loading speed. Not only is loading speed important in general, but it also significantly contributes to your rating and findability on Google! The usability of the previous websites was very low, which resulted in poor indexing by Google. We ensured good usability in the new environment, which resulted in a higher rating on Google. Additionally, the Google Page Speed score has significantly improved.

Domain Name Migration

Byte becomes Hypernode, which means the domain name is also changing. The focus will shift more towards the product name Hypernode, which is better known internationally. So, it’s not just about merging all the different environments, but also about creating a new domain. We set up this migration in collaboration with an SEO agency.
The migration must happen entirely, but it is also important that it does not negatively impact your Google search visibility. We ensured that this process was completed fully and very carefully based on a redirect plan. A name change often comes with a (small) loss in visibility. However, that was not the case this time. Hypernode has even grown since the domain name change!

Support Service

The development of a website doesn’t stop after it goes live. MBU offers a support service and continues to assist Hypernode with managing the websites. This way, they can keep focusing on the core business of their websites, while we, as the name suggests, take the worries off their hands. Hypernode can easily submit tasks in our project management system, and we handle them as quickly as possible. Additionally, we work proactively by suggesting conversion-enhancing improvements every month. This way, we keep developing the websites and ensure that updates go smoothly. We keep the websites up-to-date, optimally functioning, and user-friendly.

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